Tourism January 5, 2022 | 4:35 pm

Promotion and sanitary protocols, key to tourism advancement in the Dominican Republic

It is necessary to maintain substantial investment in road infrastructure

 Tourism diversification is also another pillar for development


The last year 2021, marked the gradual recovery of tourism in the Dominican Republic due to the successful actions implemented by the government and sector authorities. However, there are still points that should be emphasized so that in 2022 the arrival of tourists to the Caribbean destination is strengthened.

In this sense, the tourism advisor to the Executive Branch, Joel Santos, said that one of the focal points is to continue strengthening the promotion of the DR in the issuing markets and maintaining the health protocols.

“We must continue with the health protocols implemented, regardless of the situation, and you cannot lower your guard because tourism is also an image issue and I think that image work that we have achieved due to the efficient handling of the pandemic and the crisis, from the health point of view, has been the key to the success of the sector and therefore we must maintain it,” he emphasized.

In addition, he indicated that investments must continue to be “strongly” worked, mainly in road infrastructures necessary to continue making Dominican tourism a diversified segment of the economy and that connects the different poles and that at the same time allows people Mobility.

“Throughout the different destinations but also within the destinations because obviously what we are perceiving is having an increasingly strengthened complementary offer and that should be part of this year’s strategy,” he explained.

Santos said that he considers that President Luis Abinader’s strategy from the beginning for tourism should continue to be developed (even since his electoral campaign) since he understands that the collaboration of the public and private sectors should be increasingly more vital.

«The public-private union must be stronger because it has also been a source of success and we continue to promote foreign and internal investment in the country because the private sector is called to continue strengthening the Dominican tourism sector with the support of the public sector,» the advisor indicated.

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