North Coast October 16, 2023 | 1:19 am

Atlantic Tourist Train, an initiative that will enhance the value of Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, DR.- The Atlantic Tourist Train in Puerto Plata is a new tourist attraction that will add to the complementary offer of this destination. The private initiative will offer a city tour through the most emblematic places of the city, highlighting the attractions, history and culture, not only of Puerto Plata, but of the entire province and its municipalities.

This goal will be executed through a multilingual, emotional and educational narrative that will create an auditory experience and expectation of the destination, motivating them to know every corner of the province, with the objective that they will long to repeat their visit for a longer period of time.

Carlos Rodoli Conde, promoter of the project, said that “the main tourist and cultural cities of the world have this service, so we are excited that Puerto Plata can also offer it. This will allow us to offer city tours and its most significant and valuable places. In the economic aspect, it will translate into a greater economic benefit for the area, as more cruise passengers will leave the port and new tourists and visitors will come to the city, which will motivate to consume in local businesses in the area.”

He affirmed that all the studies carried out in the destination indicate that more excursion options are required to meet the high demand of visitors that are arriving and those that will be added according to future projections. “The decision to install a tourist train in the city favors the work of existing cab drivers, as well as other sectors, as it will contribute to energize the activities of the area by offering visitors a new and modern possibility to know the cultural and tourist heritage of the Bride of the Atlantic, during a non-stop tour.”

The promoters of the project pointed out that their interest is to contribute to the promotion and tourist development of the area in a sustainable and competitive way, without harming members of the local transportation sector; on the contrary, they understand that there are more possibilities for a client of the train to be a potential passenger of the cab services, since clients who opt for the wide range of attractions offered by the whole destination outside the city center, are less likely to use their services.

“We have always expressed our interest in complementing the existing offers, not replacing them. Any tourist who wishes to hire the services of cabs or any other transportation service will be able to continue doing so, since they are very different products and services, so the demand will not fall in the proportions that have been expressed,” expressed Rodoli.

Highest standards of safety

The project meets the highest standards of safety, quality, accessibility and environmental friendliness, because the city will be the first in the region to have a train of this type fully electric and with facilities for passengers in wheelchairs. Also, this type of train is designed precisely for cities with narrow streets, being able to travel on the same tracks of a small vehicle or sedan type.

“It is time for Puerto Plata to continue growing as a tourist destination. What we are looking for is to incorporate the best international practices of successful destinations, which will allow us to have a renewed, robust, high quality tourist offer with an extraordinary service,” in addition to creating the conditions for new investments,” said Rodoli Conde.

The route

The route will include some streets of the historic center and the Malecon with its main attractions; it will take approximately 45 minutes without stops, with capacity for 30 passengers per train.





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October 16, 2023 6:38 am

I am glad that there is entrepreneurial spirit in Puerto Plata and I hope the enterprise succeeds .It may depend on whether it starts reasonably close to the cruisers . 30 passengers in the vehicle is not much considering the ships all carry over 2000 and some many more.

October 16, 2023 9:43 am
Reply to  Richard

I believe there is more than one vehicle…PP is making a big come back with tourism…sounds good…

El Yolero
December 3, 2023 11:12 pm

Excelente idea, les deseo éxito. Y espero que la policía estará haciendo planes de como controlar el trafico en las areas donde este tren turístico funcionará.