Tourism March 19, 2024 | 10:42 am

Boosting tourism: Visit Santiago and Santiago Turístico Bureau launch

Santiago, DR.- President Luis Abinader led the official introduction of two pivotal initiatives aimed at boosting tourism in Santiago: the Santiago Turístico Bureau and the Visit Santiago promotion platform.

Fernando Capellán, head of the Association for the Development of Santiago (APEDI), underscored the collaborative efforts of both the private sector and the government in Santiago’s growth, emphasizing the vital role these new platforms play in promoting tourism within the city.

Ramón Paulino, leader of the Santiago Tourism Cluster, emphasized the significance of sector-wide unity and the launch of these initiatives, which fill a void in the city’s tourism promotion efforts by attracting diverse tourism and enriching the local offerings.

Manuel Estella, a founding partner of Visit Santiago, provided insight into the platform’s inception, focusing on sustainable tourism development in Santiago and adapting successful MICE tourism and event models to the city’s context.

Melany Rodríguez González, president of both the Santiago Turístico Bureau and Visit Santiago, highlighted the objective of positioning Santiago as a premier destination for events and conferences, underscoring the project’s importance for the city.


Brand expert Andy Stalman shared insights from city branding studies for Santiago, emphasizing the growth opportunities this strategy offers for the dynamic and multifaceted city.

The signing of a public-private collaboration agreement between the Ministry of Tourism and the Santiago Turístico Bureau marked a significant milestone in government support for these tourism development endeavors.

President Abinader unveiled plans for significant sporting and cultural events scheduled to take place in Santiago in the coming years, along with urban development projects aimed at enhancing the city’s tourism offerings.

The presentation concluded with a video showcasing the benefits of Santiago and the Visit Santiago platform, followed by an emotionally charged performance of “Santiago en Coche” by Maridalia Hernández.

This event signifies a historic moment in Santiago’s tourism promotion efforts, reflecting the unified commitment of the government, private sector, and civil society toward developing and promoting the city as a top-tier tourist destination.

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