World June 26, 2023 | 9:41 am

Foreign Minister affirms OAS resolution on Haiti is to amplify the voice of the international community for help

Santo Domingo.- Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez Gil has stated that the resolution approved by the Organization of American States (OAS) regarding the current situation in Haiti aims to generate international pressure and ensure assistance is provided to the neighboring nation. According to Álvarez Gil, the resolution expands and amplifies the voice of the international community in requesting help and assistance for Haiti. He clarified that the OAS does not possess the power to use coercive forces and highlighted that the United Nations Security Council is the body with such authority. The resolution serves as a call to the international community, emphasizing the need for assistance and support.

Regarding elections in Haiti, Álvarez Gil emphasized that the document clearly states that elections should be called when the conditions are met. He expressed confidence that eventually, elections must take place once the power of gangs has been mitigated. He stressed the importance of continuing discussions on elections while acknowledging that the international community believes elections cannot occur until the necessary conditions are established.

Minister Álvarez Gil mentioned that the Dominican Republic participated in a working group addressing the Haitian situation, which was formed during the last OAS assembly and chaired by Trinidad and Tobago.

When asked about the implications of the OAS resolution on Haiti for the Dominican Republic, Álvarez Gil simply stated that it is a call from the international community requesting assistance for the neighboring country.

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