Local January 3, 2011 | 12:09 pm

Dominican lawmakers are lazy bums, El Caribe readers say

Santo Domingo.- Corrupt, lazy bums, puppets, profiteers, good for nothings, and other similar labels are what the readers of media outlet elcaribe.com.do consider the country’s legislators, revealing the population’s terrible view of Congress, which in its view neither represents nor defends Dominicans’ interests.

And that is what’s behind a recent proposal by Evangelical Movement Battle of the Faith coordinator Ezequiel Molina, to close Congress so the country saves that money to allocate it to education and to fight corruption.

Some readers say Congress shouldn’t even exist because the legislators are no more than puppets of the government, and affirm that in the end it’s the sitting President who decides on what’s approved or not.

They also say the legislators don’t contribute anything positive to the Dominican Republic, “quite the contrary, they’re true promoters of the country’s backwardness.”

“Finally a man appears speaking as we must in the country. Congress is a parasitic institution which doesn’t have any participation in the solution of the country’s problems, since its member only legislate to increase their wealth,” said other elcaribe.com.do readers.

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