Local June 22, 2012 | 10:48 am

Trucker’s bat threat riles chief traffic cop, hundreds of autos seized

SANTO DOMINGO.- Just two hours after the director of the Metropolitan Transit Authority revealed that as truck driver had threatened him with a bat on the Duarte Highway, traffic cops deployed in several busy intersections of the capital impounded hundreds of motorcycles and other vehicles, for violations including running the red light, no driver license, registration or insurance.

Amet director Jose Sanz Jiminian said a truck driver threatened him with a bat on the Duarte highway, after he and several agents had to take part in a high speed chase, when the truck at excessive passed a patrol near Bonao. “I was next to a patrol when this truck loaded with pineapples went by us at more than 140 kilometers per hour. We gave chase but he refused to stop and finally managed to detain it, the driver came toward me menacing with a bat, forcing us to subdue him.”

Speaking in the Channel 9 program Hoy Mismo, Sanz called motorists who run red lights “terrorists” because they don’t care if their actions cause “collateral” damage where vicitims could be even children. “These people are true terrorists because when they run a red light they don’t care if women or children die, even if it’s their own children.”

During the last three years traffic violations and lawlessness on the roads have become commonplace, but it’s been only in the last two weeks that Amet agents actively pursue motorists who run the red light or drive at high speed.

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