Local May 20, 2013 | 9:28 am

People trafficking networks, Dom. Rep.’s most organized, powerful

Santo Domingo.- The networks that traffic with, and smuggle persons are the most organized in the country, in addition to being "extremely powerful."

Justice minister Francisco Domínguez said the fact that Dominicans rank fourth among women prostitutes around the world, results form in most cases, to the recruitment networks.

He said that’s why the arrest of johns seeking prostitutes will continue, since the women in those relationships are the most vulnerable. "People think this is a joke and laugh, but it’s no game."

He said despite the debate the measure has generated it’s not just about victim abuse, but other aspects which the country should also be "strongly" aware of, including the victim’ experience of slavery conditions among both sexes.

Dominguez, quoted by diariolibre.com, added that the Dominicans are stigmatized in some of the countries they visit and regrets that the country is sold abroad as a paradise for sex.

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