Local May 23, 2013 | 12:15 pm

Top gun dealer denies RD$28.0M fraud in assault rifles for the military

Santo Domingo.- Gun business leader Eulalio Peralta on Thursday denied an alleged RD$28.0 million fraud stemming from an Accounts Chamber audit on weapons the Armed Forces Ministry bought from his company.

“Such strange news published by Acento.com and picked up by newspaper Hoy creates suspicion because on November 23, 2010, around three years ago, these weapons were delivered to the satisfaction of the Armed Forces Ministry," Peralta told elnacional.com.do.

Peralta showed two Armed Forces Ministry documents dated May 22, 2013, one signed by comptroller-general Leonel Muñoz Noboa, and delivered in 2010 by Colonel Héctor Suárez Torres on November 23, which he affirms proves the weapons bought had been delivered.

He said the Armed Forces Ministry certified having received 200, Colt M4 Commando assault rifles, clips and ammo.

Acento.com first reported the alleged fraud on May 21 in an article titled "Audit detects false Armed Forces weapons purchase of more than RD$28 million" during the tenure of Lt. Gen. Ramón Aquino Garcia, naming Peralta’s company as the beneficiary.

Peralta said the rifles were delivered during Joaquín Pérez Féliz’s tenure as Minister of the Armed Forces.

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