Local November 18, 2014 | 12:38 pm

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Dominican Republic ‘totally pleased’ with region’s war on drugs

Madrid.- Latin America’s presidents have diverse views on the results of the war on the region’s drug trafficking, because Cuba’s and Honduras’ are totally dissatisfied at (-5), while Peru and Dominican Republic are remarkably pleased with the situation (3).

To a lesser extent the presidents of El Salvador and Venezuela also state satisfaction (2) while those of Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay have a neutral stance.

The study released today and published by hoy.com.do also reveals how Latin American social actors in general are "dissatisfied" with the results of the fight against drug trafficking in the region.

"The least satisfied are the opposition parties (-2.7), followed by citizens (-1.8), companies (-1.5), the media (-1.4), the presidents (-0.5) and governments (-0.4)," on a scale from 5 to -5, says the report from the Institute for International Prospective (IPI).

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