Local September 14, 2015 | 8:08 am

Dominican guards halt 300 Haitians with forged papers at border

Dajabón.- BorderSecurity (Cesfront) agents have returned nearly 300 undocumented Haitians totheir country, some of them accompanied by children and adolescents trying toenter Dominican territory with forged documents of the government program to regularizeforeigners.

The new migration efforthas prompted Cesfront, the Army, Immigration and other agencies to heighten patrolsalong the Dominican-Haiti border near Dajabon, where most of the illegal crossingstake place.

Representatives of communityand northwest organizations have reported an increase in traffic of illegalHaitians across the border, many of them toting minors.

As to the adults haltedbefore entering the country, Cesfront director Carlos Aguirre said a review of thedocuments, photos and personal data on their the ID cards issued by the Interiorand Police Ministry found that they were forged.

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