Local September 19, 2015 | 8:31 am

Electoral judge: party alliances are a deception to society

Santo Domingo.– Central Electoral Board (JCE) judge Eddy Olivares said electoral alliances among political parties are an indication of the deception that party members and society have to undergo.

Olivares said that if the pact is with the ruling party, other things are also negotiated such as "the reprehensible profits at the expense of state assets," which are not reflected in the contracts that are deposited in the JCE.

According to elnuevodiario.com.do, the statements of the judge were taken from his article "The deception of electoral alliances," published today in a digital newspaper.

"You can not deny that in today’s representative democracy, telling lies prior to elections is a lethal weapon that annihilates free voting," Olivares pointed out.

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