Local September 21, 2015 | 9:50 am

Jailed Spaniard in major scandal gets US$20.0M ruling

Santo Domingo.- NationalDistrict 4th Chamber Court judge Awilda Reyes on Friday ruled to returnUS$20.8 million to the company Prado Universal Corp., which built the Torre Atiemar,whose president the Spaniard Arturo del Tiempo was sentenced in Valencia toseven years in prison for drug trafficking.

The ruling against Justiceminister Francisco Domingue, National District prosecutor Yeni BereniceReynoso, Reservas bank and the Finance Ministry also imposes a RD$1.0 million fineevery day until the ruling is complied with.

The judge ruled thatthe ??difference of the total accredited by the Reservas for the Torre Atiemar´stotal property value hasn’t been deposited in the account opened for thosedeposits, on behalf of the National District Office of the Prosecutor .

"This action thereforehas violated his right to property, free enterprise and to due process of lawand consequently ordered the restoration of violated those fundamental rights,"the ruling says.

The restraining orderwas filed by Prado Universal Corp., a company based in Panama, represented byits general manager, Jorge Postigo Silva.

The Torre Atiemarcase drew headlines for weeks because it allegedly involved senior government officials,and led to the confiscation of the modern tower in the upscale La Esperillasector.

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