Local December 16, 2015 | 11:18 am

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US senator jumps into Dominican cardinal-US envoy row

Washington.- Illinois SenatorDick Durbin on Tuesday asked Pope Francis to personally intervene to defend USambassador in Dominican Republic, James Brewster, against attacks by cardinalNicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodríguez.

The Illinois senator,in a statement released to US news outlets on his letter to the pontiff said LopezRodriguez has launched attacks of "hatred" against US envoy James W. Brewster.

He notes that earlierthis month the catholic cardinal called Brewster a "woman" who must"focus on household chores· and attend his husband Bob Satawake, because “she´sthe wife of a man."

The prelate also alsoused slurs against homosexuals and accused of Brewster of promoting an alleged gayrights agenda on Dominican soil.

Durbin, the number twoDemocrat in the Senate, is a Roman Catholic and longtime friend of Brewster, abusiness executive and fundraiser for president Barack Obama.

Brewster became theseventh openly gay US ambassador when appointed two years ago.

Durbin said thecardinal’s comments are inconsistent with Francis´ call for tolerance ofhomosexuality.

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