Local September 9, 2020 | 7:52 am

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Dominican Republic to prosecute US$194.0M tar scandal

Santo Domingo.- Two government agencies will prosecute the people behind the payments for RD$11.5 billion (US$194.9 million) made by the Public Works Ministry’s past officials to buy asphalt.

A similar payment will be prosecuted made by the Office of Supervisory Engineers of Works of the State to govt. contractors between July 31 and August 14 of this year.

Joint work

Government Ethics and Procurement and Contracting work together to conclude these inquiries and subsequently with the Justice Ministry.

Yesterday Budget Director José Rijo Presbot said the contracts granted by Public Works did not have the appropriation of funds and that their payment was made without going through the Comptroller.

“In other words, it was paid for a service that the State does not know if it was performed as stipulated in the contract.”

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