Local October 30, 2021 | 8:26 am

Children with Covid and dengue fever fill Robert Reid wards

Santo Domingo, DR

Dawn broke with 10 of its 12 beds assigned to treat patients with Covid-19 occupied and 13 admitted for dengue fever,  yesterday at the children’s hospital “Doctor Robert Reid Cabral,” in the Centro de los Héroes of the capital.

The director of the hospital center, Dr. Clemente Terrero, explained to the Listín Diario that none of those affected by the coronavirus had been vaccinated, even if they were within the age range to be inoculated.

Terrero indicated that the patients had been referred from different medical centers of the country in a “delicate and serious” state.

Likewise, the infectologist indicated that most hospitalized patients have comorbidities, as is the case of two with appendicitis.

“We have never had cases like this,” said the director of the health care center while speaking to the reporters of the Listín Diario.

The health specialist recommended strengthening the vaccination in the corresponding doses to avoid increasing cases in minors since this helps prevent contagion and hospitalizations when severe cases appear.

Dengue situation
On the other hand, Terrero explained that dengue remains “fluctuating” due to the endemic period. According to the director, pre-adolescents or adolescents are primarily present at the hospital due to this disease.

He also explained that patients usually come from the southern part of the country, Santo Domingo, and the National District to be treated.

Vaccination continues to be low.
The vaccination campaign continues to decline, with daily figures slowing down the general statistics of doses applied in the country.

The auxiliary team members who collaborated with the vaccination at the karate pavilion of the Olympic Center, for example, only a few days ago, were working at total capacity after implementing the government measure of presenting the vaccination card. However, yesterday they looked idle due to the low presence of people seeking to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

In a downward spiral
A fact that reveals the severe drop in the number of people seeking vaccination against the coronavirus was seen last Thursday, 120 people were vaccinated at the Karate Pavilion of the Olympic Center, the lowest number during the whole week, according to the doctor in charge, Dr. Starlin Mariano.

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October 30, 2021 5:34 pm

I wouldn’t vaxx my dog with this crap let alone a child!!! Get the f*** outta here!!!!

Johnny Doe
October 30, 2021 6:36 pm

Notice they mix Covid with Dengue to confuse people? I’m sorry but you just don’t see kids in Intensive Care Units from Corona Virus.

If anyone comes near my young child and tries to inject them with this junk they’re ending up six feet under.