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Doubts and speculation two days after the raid on the Russian yacht Flying Fox

Images of the raid carried out by the MP inside the yacht Flying Fox. Photos: Leonel Matos / LD

On the first day of April, the Flying Fox was intervened by the authorities as part of their investigation “into alleged money laundering and arms trafficking,” according to a statement from the MP.


Santo Domingo, DR

At noon on Friday, several agents of the Public Ministry, Customs, military forces, and some of the personnel of the United States Office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) raided the yacht, Flying Fox.

This vessel, owned by a Russian oligarch, has been anchored in the sans Soucí port since March 21.

On the first day of April, the authorities intervened in the motorboat as part of their investigation “into alleged money laundering and arms trafficking,” according to a statement from the MP.

After several hours of the official search, nothing was known about the findings of this inspection, and even access to the area was restricted to the media.

On Saturday, the authorities continued their inspection work for the second day in a row.

Like the first day, the pass to the press was deniedHowever, from the outskirts of the port, journalists from Listin Diario were able to corroborate how about five agents representing the Attorney General’s Office arrived at the boat after 8:30 in the morning.

The second investigation was carried out with the authorization 0094 -March-2022 issued by the coordinator of the investigating courts.

After almost four hours of judicial inspection on the luxury yacht, the Dominican authorities were captured, leaving from inside the boat with a Heurisis scanner.

It should be noted that this device is designed to check, by x-ray, the bulkheads, hulls, and holds of ships in search of drugs, money, and hidden holes where the aforementioned can be stored.

However, there was also no statement to the media about what was found during the search.

While the Dominican judicial bodies maintain thick secrecy around the results of their inspection, the speculations of the population on this issue are gaining strength.

The element that has aroused the most suspicion about the raid is the role played by the United States in the process.

According to the note released by the MP, the North American nation “has opened an investigation against several targets dedicated to money laundering on an international scale.”

Therefore, the order authorizing the Dominican persecuting body to search for the yacht is under formal legal cooperation with the United States of America, by the international agreements on the fight against crime and crime signed by the Dominican Republic.

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