Local May 13, 2024 | 3:20 pm

Universal Postal Union director and INPOSDOM focus on transformation and modernization

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Postal Institute (INPOSDOM), led by its general director, Mr. Erick Guzmán, welcomed the general director of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), Mr. Masahiko Metoki, on his inaugural visit to the Dominican Republic. During his tour of the INPOSDOM headquarters, Mr. Metoki gained firsthand insight into the operational realities of the state postal services in the country.

In this significant meeting, both parties underscored their commitment to enhancing collaboration to revitalize the Dominican Postal Institute. They emphasized the imperative need for strategic investments in INPOSDOM to modernize and upgrade the entire postal system in line with international standards, stressing the importance of technological advancements for efficient operations.

“The Dominican Postal Institute is dedicated to excellence and modernization. Mr. Masahiko Metoki’s visit, as the general director of the UPU, signifies a pivotal stride toward a technologically advanced and efficient future for our postal services. Together, we are poised to forge a brighter tomorrow for the Dominican Republic’s postal system,” stated Mr. Guzmán, the general director of INPOSDOM.

Furthermore, the introduction of new technological equipment, scheduled to arrive in the Dominican Republic next week, was announced, marking the initiation of a new phase in the country’s postal infrastructure. This initial investment lays the groundwork for future advancements and enhancements in the local postal service.

The UPU reiterated its commitment to supporting INPOSDOM by providing additional equipment and specialized vehicles for cargo handling at the local level, aiming to elevate the quality and efficiency of postal services in the Dominican Republic. Moreover, the UPU’s support in the technological transformation of INPOSDOM and the promotion of e-commerce in the country was emphasized. This investment, focused on modernization and digitization, is poised to propel growth and competitiveness in e-commerce, fostering new opportunities for the nation’s economic and commercial development.

Mr. Metoki’s visit marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between the UPU and the Dominican Postal Institute, laying the groundwork for fruitful cooperation and comprehensive transformation in the country’s postal service. Accompanying Mr. Metoki were Mr. Akio Miyaji, Mr. Metoki’s advisor, Nicolas Bilhoto, coordinator of Latin America and the Caribbean, Pablo Valentín Rosario, extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador to the Swiss Confederation and permanent representative of the UPU, as well as Ms. Valerine Hernandez, counselor. Additionally, deputy directors, directors, managers, and staff from all occupational groups of INPOSDOM accompanied Mr. Guzmán Núñez during the facility tour.

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