Local February 1, 2024 | 8:25 am

President Abinader establishes the “Dominican Plantain Commission”

Santo Domingo.– On Tuesday, January 31, President Luis Abinader announced the issuance of Decree No. 62-24, establishing the Dominican Plantain Commission (CODOPLATANO) as an inter-ministerial body. The commission’s primary objective is to collaboratively support the agricultural sector dedicated to plantain production and marketing, while also advising the president on the development of public policies that promote cultivation, production, marketing, processing, and export.

CODOPLATANO comprises key figures, including the Ministers of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources, and Industry, Commerce, and MSMEs, as well as administrators from the Agricultural Bank and Reserve Bank. Additionally, directors from INDRHI, INESPRE, CEI-RD, and IAD, the president of the Dominican Association of Plantain Producers (ADOPLATANO), and two representatives from banana producer cooperatives or associations in each of the country’s ten regions are part of the commission.

This initiative from the Executive Branch signifies a heightened commitment to supporting plantain production, aiming to generate employment opportunities, formulate public policies, and provide incentives beneficial to producers, thereby expanding plantain market share both locally and internationally.

The establishment of CODOPLATANO also addresses economic indicators signaling an increase in plantain consumption. It positions the Dominican Republic as a stable and secure source for plantain marketing, emphasizing the adoption of sound crop management practices and environmental sustainability. This strategic move aims to enhance competitiveness in the foreign market.

President Abinader’s decision is a pivotal advancement for the Dominican agricultural sector, offering producers an effective platform to voice their concerns. This approach enables the government to implement more efficient and reality-based public policies, ultimately benefiting the nation.

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