Tourism May 2, 2023 | 3:16 pm

President of the Chamber of Deputies leads efforts to strengthen ties between Dominican Republic and Morocco

During an official visit to Morocco, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco, along with the Dominican-Moroccan Parliamentary group and the Dominican ambassador, held meetings with various officials to discuss the possibility of establishing direct flights between Morocco and the Dominican Republic. The aim of this proposal is to increase commercial and tourist flow between the two countries and to strengthen cooperation ties.

Pacheco emphasized the importance of Morocco as a gateway to Africa and the Dominican Republic’s position as a gateway to the Caribbean Basin and much of Latin America. The Dominican delegation, led by Pacheco, Rosa Hilda Genao, who chairs the Dominican-Moroccan Parliamentary Group, and Amaury Justo Duarte, ambassador, met with Rachid Talbi El Alami, president of the House of Representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco.

During the meeting, the parliamentary groups and the presidents of both legislative chambers discussed common agenda items and agreed to collaborate to generate legislative conditions that promote institutional, economic, and social transformations.

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May 2, 2023 9:51 pm

We need to expand beyond Europe and America! Africa, Middle East and Asia is we’re the tourism is at.

Paul Tierney
May 3, 2023 9:41 am

The RD and Caribbean nations need travel alternatives to go and arrive from the African continent. Nowadays flights to and from there are long and require in transit stopovers in the US, Europe, or So. America in addition to stopovers in Africa. Direct flights to/from the RD and Morocco would be a convenience to travelers, lessen the stress of long flights, reduce in transit stopovers, and lower airfares. The RD should become an air hub.