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Barrick Pueblo Viejo promotes a culture of equality by encouraging women’s participation in the mining industry

The female workforce in Pueblo Viejo is currently 16% and the company's goal is to increase this number every day to put an end to the belief that women have no space in mining, said its president

SÁNCHEZ RAMÍREZ, Dominican Republic – As part of International Women’s Day, Barrick Pueblo Viejo held a meeting with young women from the province of Sánchez Ramírez, entitled Female Participation in Barrick Pueblo Viejo.

During the event, led by the president of Barrick Pueblo Viejo, Juana Barceló, the company announced the opportunities and work programs it offers to promote and guarantee the participation of women in the mining industry.

The female labor force in Pueblo Viejo is currently 16%, and the company’s goal is to increase this number every day to put an end to the belief that women have no place in mining, said its president.

Daridalia Bautista


In her words to those present, Barceló encouraged women to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the company through initiatives such as the Apprenticeship Program, in alliance with INFOTEP, the Internship Program, the “Job Ready” Program, and the New Graduates Program to prepare young people in different areas so that they can acquire new skills and become part of the company.

She also emphasized that part of the company’s commitment is to attract the best talent and invited the young women of the province to prepare, train, and be part of these programs to improve their development. “Barrick Pueblo Viejo is giving and will give all the opportunities to the women of the area to continue contributing to their personal and professional development,” she emphasized.

Anny Hernández


Three female employees of Barrick Pueblo Viejo from the province of Sánchez Ramírez participated in the panel “Women’s participation in Barrick Pueblo Viejo.” Auridis Severino, a geological engineer who works in the company as an Assay Laboratory Technician, is the first woman to occupy this operation. The panel also included the participation of Anny Hernández, who is a heavy equipment operator, a job that men had traditionally performed, and Daridalia Bautista Rosario, a native of Zambrana, who at the age of 20 is part of the Mine Maintenance area, performing electromechanical and welding work, as part of her training within the Apprenticeship Program.

In 2020, Pueblo Viejo received the Equal DR Seal, Gold level, and the Nordom 775 certification to reflect the importance that the company assigns to equal rights, benefits, and opportunities for all its employees, being the first Dominican mining company to receive both awards.

Auridis Severino

The activity held at the Zambrana Municipal District City Hall was attended by Mayor Ramón Erpidio Santana, Deputy Mayor Iderka Lorena Jiménez, and Juana Barceló, president of Pueblo Viejo. She was accompanied by representatives of different work teams of the mining company.

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