Economy April 6, 2015 | 10:26 am

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A bun of bread will cost 2 pesos more starting today

Santo Domingo.- Starting today Monday consumers will have to pay two pesos more per bread bun, after the small and medium bakeries grouped in UMPIH agreed to increase its price during a meeting on March 5.

Quoted by, UMPIH president Francisco Capellán said the bakers held off on their decision to raise the price of bread for one month to give the government time to deal with the high costs he says their sector faces, but since they didn’t receive any call from authorities, decided to raise the price starting today.

"Government officials had said that a solution must be found and were to meet with the bakers, but didn’t call us," Capellán said.

On the decision to increase bread prices from RD$5 to RD$7, several consumer groups have called on people to boycott it during three straight days.

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