Economy August 12, 2015 | 4:24 pm

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Industry scoffs at Medina´s choice to head nascent export bank

Santo Domingo.- DominicanRepublic´s Industries Association (AIRD) on Tuesday said the president DaniloMedina´s designation of María Teresa Nanita as general manager of the newlycreated Export Development Bank Bandex is cause for concern on fears it couldbecome “politicized.”

AIRD president Camposde Moya said the appointment fails to meet Bandex´s goal of becoming an alliedinstitution to promote exports.

He questions why someonehighly technically qualified with "credible" experience in the exportsector wasn’t appointed in Bandex. "An export bank is an issue of greatimportance to many micro and small businesses, also for companies and bigindustries, therefore there´s a concern in some Association board members."

"So we´reconcerned that if coherent measures aren’ttaken the bank could become politicized," de Moya said , quoted, adding that industrialists "are worried there hasn’t been asearch for a person with a credible track record of success in a matter ofexports to lead the entity."

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