Economy September 14, 2015 | 7:48 am

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Dominican Republic nationals can visit Russia without visa

Moscow.- RussianForeign minister Sergei Lavrov on Sunday informed Dominican Republic vicepresident Margarita Cedeño his country is ready to let her compatriots travel to his country without avisa, noting the impact on bilateral trade and facilitating the flow oftechnicians between Moscow and Santo Domingo.

The announcement cameafter the agreements reached in a meeting with Russia´s Foreign Minister, whostressed that Cedeño was "the highest authority to visit Dominican Russianterritory in 70 years of diplomatic ties."

The Vice President laudedthe meeting as "a sign of the Dominican commitment to an active foreign policyand integration, this visit will help improve relations between the twocountries in all areas and spheres."

"We´re happy tohave her in Moscow, is the first Dominican of that level to visit this country,marking a milestone for the development of our cooperation," Lavrov said.

Accompanied by Dominicanambassador in Moscow Jorge Perez, Cedeño and Larov discussed the bilateralagenda, and both agreed that moreDominican students should obtain postgraduate degrees in Russian universities.

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