Economy September 21, 2015 | 8:32 am

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Dominican Industries want Haiti trade issue ´snatched´ from politicos

Santo Domingo.-Dominican Republic’s Herrera and Santo Domingo Province Industries Association (AEIH)on Sunday proposed that Haitian and Dominican business leaders "snatch"the issue of trade relations from Hispaniola´s politicians, noting that thepolitical agenda – sometimes based personalor sector interests- has deeply harmed the flow of trade between the twonations.

AEIH president AntonioTaveras said the current relations affect productive sectors on both sides of theisland, especially Haiti´s most vulnerable population, which he affirms suffersfrom limited access to staples and increasing restrictions.

He urged Dominican businessleaders to initiate rapprochement with Haitian counterparts to establish joint businessstrategies and in turn depoliticize trade.

"It´s time Dominicanbusiness leaders to begin to approach the Haitian entrepreneur community withmore vigor and more firmness in seeking to snatch the topic of bilateral traderelations from the hands of politicians," Taveras said.

"It istime for a concerted effort to deal on the basis of legality the vagaries ofour business relationships, frequently affected by political situations and interestgroups that are not the genuine interests of both peoples, people whoultimately are the most affected by arbitrary business decisions."

He said traderelations and the two countries should bolster Haitian and Dominican entrepreneursand the citizenship " and must be put above politics and we have to do it withcourage and dedication."

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