Economy October 6, 2015 | 3:28 pm

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Peeved with Customs, Dominican used car importers vow shutdown

Santo Domingo.-Dominican Republic´s three major associations of used auto importers on Tuesdayannounced the suspension of imports in response to the Customs Agency´s (DGA) “exaggerated”increase in the assigned value of used vehicles which they affirm is driving themtoward bankruptcy.

The president of Asocivu,Ramón Ramos; of Anadive, Luis Taveras and of Adeci, Jose Fernandez warned that theirassociations´ 1,200 dealers will not stand still and will confront the face theAgency´s abuses.

At a press conferencein Hotel Emajador the business leaders said their sector´s decision to haltimports and other actions aims to draw president Danilo Medina´s attention becausethe DGA has ignored their “fair” demands.

"We haveexhausted the Customs Agency´s channels of dialogue, we´ve visited officials ofthat institution on numerous occasions to make them aware of the difficultsituation affecting our industry. With unsuccessful attempts for a friendlyoutcome, since we´ve been demanding a solution for several months, which is toimplement an evaluation system according to what the parties implemented severalyears ago, based on a scale of real depreciation for importe3d vehicles," saidTaveras.

The heads of Anadive,Asocivu and Adeci said after going through a revision of the vehicles valuationprocess, Customs financial officials had pledged to make changes to those vehicleswhich have shown a steep increase.

"The lack of a responsepromised by the DGA leads us to implement a shutdown in the import of vehicles untilcompliance of the agreements is reached.”

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