Economy October 26, 2015 | 7:58 am

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Dominican Republic securities market to top US$25.0B: Official

Santo Domingo.- Securitiessuperintendent Gabriel Castro on Sunday revealedthat trades in the Dominican Republic´s securities market are expected to surpassUS$25.0 billion at year end, from the US$22 billion traded in 2014.

He said the figures showthat the country´s productive sectors have absolute confidence in the market´s transparencyand correctness.

Interviewed on D’Agencaon Channel 11 Telesistema, the official said the among the factors which have contributedto the sector´s growth figures the “dematerialization of the transactions,” whichwere previously negotiated with physical certificates, “such operations are nowfully electronic.”

He affirmed that dematerializationimplies less risk and more dynamism.

"We understandthat the end of this year we will be doing operations on the order of 25billion dollars, because this is a market that continues an upward trend, sowhat we seek is to apply the main international practice so the public can feeltotally confident," Castro said.

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