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Medina ´milestone´: All children in full-day public schools by 2016

Monte Plata, Dominican Republic.-President Danilo Medina on Sunday said the government plans to have allchildren in full-day public schools by 2016, which in his view is a milestone inthe country´s education.

He said in addition to improvingthe quality of Dominican Republic’s education, the measure will also boost thedomestic agro sector, with higher demand for milk, cheese and other products.

Speaking to the LaAltagracia Cattlemen’s Association, Medina urged them to prepare to meet thedemand for agro products with the expansion of the Full-Day Schools. "Thenumber of students in the Extended School Day will be increased to one million inDecember this year, and we hope will be all children by 2016."

He said when he beganhis visits to rural areas to promote credit, most adults were saying theirchildren didn’t want to work because there was no future in farming, "butwe have shown that it is possible to live off agriculture."

"Undoubtedly, andyes you can live off agriculture; especially now with the increased demand posedby the Extended School Day."

As an example the Headof State put the Sabana Grande de Boya (east) farmers themselves, who currentlysell all the milk they produce to the school breakfasts, at good prices.

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