Economy November 13, 2015 | 11:57 am

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Natural gas falls to RD$25.58PQM, all others unchanged

Santo Domingo.- The Industryand Commerce Ministry on Friday posted a lower price for natural gas for theweek from November 14 to 20, when other fuels will remain unchanged.

Premium gasoline willremain at RD$191.20; regular gasoline will continue at RD$173.70; optimumdiesel continues at RD$153.40, while regular diesel continues at RD$144.90 pergallon.

Avtur continues at RD$101.70;kerosene remains at RD$125.50 and fuel oil will remain at RD$77.51.

Propane gas will remainat RD$83.00 per gallon while, natural gas goes to RD$25.58, a drop of RD$2.86 percubic meter.

The Central Bank´s averageexchange rate of RD$45.43 per dollar was used to calculate all fuel prices.

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