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Senior policy makers to meet in Saint Kitts to discuss Caribbean debt relief

ECLAC Caribbean will convene the 4th meeting of the CaribbeanDevelopment Roundtable (CDR) in Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis on 21 April2016. This year’s Roundtable will explore possible options for debt relief forheavily indebted countries in the subregion.

Senior level policymakers from governments of the Caribbean, officials of theUnited Nations system, representatives of regional civil society organizations,academia, regional development institutions and international developmentpartners will meet to address the Caribbean’s debt obligations and considerpractical solutions for current debt overhang.

The CDR will be followed by the 26th session of the CaribbeanDevelopment and Cooperation Committee (CDCC) on 22 April 2016, whereparticipants will take stock of the outcomes of the CDR, and review theimplementation of the work programme for the ECLAC subregional headquarters forthe Caribbean for the biennium 2018-2019.

The CDCC was created as a permanent subsidiary body of ECLAC to promote the economicand social development of ECLAC member States and associate members. ECLACCaribbean acts as the secretariat of the CDCC. Regular sessions ofministers are held every two years, with a meeting of the Monitoring Committeeconvened during the intervening year. Transmission of relevant reports anddecisions of the CDCC are sent for ratification at the biennial sessions ofECLAC.

For further information, please contact Alexander Voccia at orDenise Balgobin at Telephone: (868)224-8067/224-8075.

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