Economy April 14, 2016 | 4:25 pm

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British Chamber of Commerce to host breakfast for UK envoy in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- UK Ambassador inthe Dominican Republic, H. M. Chris Campbell, will share his views on thechallenges and contribution of business to the economic development of thecountry, during a business breakfast hosted by the British Chamber of Commerceof the Dominican Republic (BRITCHAM) on Thursday April 21, at Hotel El Embajador.

Prominent business leaders fromvarious sectors will attend the meeting, in a space of open dialogue toexchange ideas with the UK ambassador.

In a statement, BRITCHAM executivedirector Francesca Ortiz stressed the meeting’s importance, to continue topromote trade and cultural exchange between the Dominican Republic and theUnited Kingdom.

Campbell has a protracted careerin the diplomatic service, including the embassies in Sudan, Indonesia,Venezuela, Belgium (NATO) and Costa Rica. Prior to his arrival in the DominicanRepublic in October, 2015, he served as envoy to Nicaragua.

“His extensive diplomaticexperience has enabled him to form a view on business contributions to theeconomic development of a nation, a topic that will be shared with thoseattending the breakfast organized by the BRITCHAM.”

Those interested in attending canpurchase invitations to theactivity by contacting BRITCHAM bu phone (809-616-2335)and email (

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