Economy April 29, 2016 | 7:39 am

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Haiti big business wants more Dominican Republic products banned

Santo Domingo.- Haiti’s major business organization, the PrivateSector Economic Forum, on Thursday proposed to that country’s government expandthe ban already in effect on 23 items from the Dominican Republic, to include22 other products from its Caribbean neighbor.

The company said the move, which it affirms hasn’t createdany increases or shortages thus far, should be maintained to complete the infrastructureneeded to improve and strengthen Customs’ human capacity at the border with theDominican Republic.

The measure in effect since October 1 last year, when Haitibarred overland entry of 23 products from Dominican Republic to improve qualitycontrol of imported goods from that country, although it would allow accessthrough ports and airports.

"The Private Sector Economic Forum expresses itsdeepest concern with the whims of influential community actors to proceed tothe premature lifting of the measures adopted on September 15, 2015, to ban theimport of 23 products from Dominican Republic, and permit it only through theports and airports of Cap Haitien and Port-au-Prince," the organizationsaid in a letter to Prime Minister Jean-Charles Enex.

Earlier this month the government announced it evaluatedthree options regarding the ban on the overland entry of Dominican products,under pressure from sectors of the Haitian Parliament which oppose the measure.

Other sectors

Meanwhile, Haiti Industries Association (ADIH) president GeorgesB. Sassine, quoted by local media, on Thursday urged the Haitian government toregain control of its borders and provide adequate and modern infrastructure atthe four major border crossings.

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