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Three of every five no-work-no-schoolers are women: World Bank

Santo Domingo.- Despite fast GDP growth of 7% in 2014 and2015 and the government’s efforts to boost employment and reduce poverty, morethan 21% of young Dominicans of ages 15 to 24 have been outside the systemeducation and work force, slightly higher than the regional average.

Most of these "ninis" (neither study nor work) arewomen, according to a World Bank study.

The Ninis in Latin America report: 20 million young peopleseeking opportunities, revealed that the number of ninis women in the region isdeclining actually thanks to greater educational and employment opportunities.Still, three out of five "Ninis" in the Dominican Republic are womenand most influential factor is marriage and pregnancy during adolescence.

"We must provide equal opportunities to all youngpeople to realize their dreams," said McDonald Benjamin, World Bankrepresentative in the Dominican Republic. "You can do much to createopportunities for youth across the country ensuring quality education,supporting schools and health centers, and creating incentives for entrepreneurs,"he said.

The report, written by Rafael de Hoyos, Halsey Rogers andMiguel Székely, indicates that 60% of the region’s ninis come from poor orvulnerable households in the poorest 40% of the income distribution. However inthe country the highest rate of ‘ninis’ is in medium-low income homes.

"This suggests that the condition of Dominican ‘nini’ isn’tnecessarily determined by the lack of income, but rather by the low quality ofschool services and a restrictive labor market," said Hoyos, World Bank EducationUnit senior economist for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The problem has intensified among young men representing anincrease of 1.8 million ninis in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1992. InRD, two decades ago, ninis were around 88,000 young men. In 2013, it doubled toaround 164,000.

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