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After Washington, Dominican Week in the US takes on NYC

Washington.- The delegation of the Dominican Week in the US(SemDomUSA) concluded the first part of its trip to Washington DC, where they attendedan explanatory session at the White House and in a panel where some aspects influencingthe US election campaign were analyzed.

Dominican-born Elias Alcantara, Intergovernmental Affairs adjunctdirector, hosted a meeting in the Indian Treaty Hall of the Eisenhower Building,in White House East Wing, to discuss how to improve US-Dominican Republic tiesthrough private sector involvement.

US ambassador to Dominican Republic, James W. Brewster, andUS SMEs development director Aejandra Castillo discussed what the Dominicanprivate sector can achieve with the diaspora through organizations andindividuals working with a specific agenda.

“A proactive and sustained effort should be made so that inareas such as Congress, to cite one example, actions may materialize in favorof the country,” said the SemDomUSA) in a statement.

Outside the White House complex the delegates attended asession at Gallup headquarters, to learn about what’s occurring in the US politicalcampaign, the Trump phenomenon and what to expect of the process regarding theimpact it can have in the country.

Gallup managing partner Jim Clifton and research consultantAndrew Dugan moderated a discussion together with Citi federal government affairsdirector John Emiling on US society’s frustration with the economy as one ofthe variables that has propelled Trump to the Republican party ticket.

“The fact that the middle class is below 40% explains partof a surprising process in which 25% ofAmerican adults don’t view any of the candidates favorably, although inpersonal ratings, the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, currently has a higher level of acceptance to win theelection,” SemDomUSA said.

The delegation traveled to New York City Wednesday to attendthe summit of the Global Pact Leaders 2016 sponsored by the National Business Council(CONEP) at UN headquarters, with sustainability as the work’s main focus.

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