Economy July 7, 2016 | 11:10 am

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Alleged dollar shortage doesn’t worry Dominican agro sector

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Agribusiness Board (JAD) presidentOsmar Benitez on Thursday said Dominican Republic has enjoyed a remarkablemacroeconomic stability during the last 10 years, thanks to "prudent"management by monetary and financial authorities, headed by Central banker HectorValdez Albizu.

Benitez remarks support Valdez’s statements regarding businesssectors’ complaints that hoarding is behind the country’s dollar shortage.

"The governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Hector Valdez,gave an explanation to the country which we accept, because there’s nobodybetter qualified or better informed than he. That’s the opinion which gives ustranquility in the national productive sector," the business leader said.

Benitez said the JAD hasn’t received any complaint regardingthe lack of foreign exchange and noted that there’s no concern about it in theagro sector, because they confide in the monetary and financial authorities.

The head of the JAD spoke during the signing of agreementwith Roberto Herrera, president of the National Business EnvironmentalProtection Support Network (Ecored), to promote training.

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