Economy October 6, 2016 | 4:42 pm

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Highland town surrounded by water still gets none

Santiago.- A group of community organizationsfrom Baitoa township on Thursday demanded that president Danilo Medina order the constructionof a new aqueduct in that locality.

In a statement, the more than 20 social andcommunity groups say for more than 40 years the people of Baitoa have waitedfor the government to build an aqueduct that provides permanent potable water toits over 18,000 inhabitants.

"The construction of this pipeline willhelp improve the quality of life of families living in urban and rural area of??the municipality," the organizers said.

The group said despite Baitoa’s proximity totwo major dams and the Yaque Norte river, construction of the Tavera, Bao-LópezAngostura hydroelectric complex left them without water. "The President ofthe Republic has stated that this will be the mandate of water, he must thereforeset his sights and attention on those populations, such as Baitoa, which lackclean drinking water."

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