Economy November 18, 2016 | 8:31 am

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Industries face daunting challenges to sustainable development

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s captainsof industries face daunting challenges along their path to sustainabledevelopment, including the generational, technological, corporate governance, openingof markets, exports and the institutional framework.

The criteria was the focus of a conferenceheaded by Julio A. Brache Arzeno, president and founder of the agro giant GrupoRica.

In the Annual Meeting of the Dominican IndustriesAssociation (AIRD) at Hotel Jaragua, the business leader stressed that hiscolleagues face five key challenges. "There are many challenges, but Ithink these summarize several of the most urgent challenges facing theindustrial sector today."

Brache’s presentation was entitled "FiveChallenges of the Dominican Industry to Reach Sustainable Development."

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