Economy May 8, 2018 | 12:22 pm

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Agreed: Traffic is the city’s thorniest issue

Santo Domingo.- During the unveiling of the National District Territorial Ordinance Plan, there was an “overwhelming consensus on the need to address the issue of urban mobility, which is probably the problem most cited by the city’s actors.”

National District Strategic Plan director Jesús D ‘Alexandro made the statement Mon., noting that the population wants a “walkable and civic city,” one which sets an example of good practices for the Americas.

“What that means,” he said, is that there’s a need to democratize access, spaces, and it means that this is an element of conflict that detracts from the city and also affects investment.”

He said the ideal city needs an efficient mass transit system, like the metro, linking it with the rest of the urban and interurban routes, that moves at least 25 percent of the population.

Santo Domingo mayor, David Collado., led the activity, in which among the aspects to be addressed figured “massification, interconnection, pluralization, decentralization and pedestrianization.”

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