Economy January 4, 2019 | 8:28 am

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Former Central Banker: economic growth in 2018 was only 3.7%

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic.- The economist Guillermo Caram affirmed on Thursday that the Dominican Republic’s economic growth consisted of 3.7% and not 7% ​​as announced by the Central Bank when deducting the consolidated public debt.

The former Central Banker also noted that calculated in the same way, the annual growth of the economy during the six years that make up the period of President Danilo Medina’s government was 2.1%.

Caram said the GDP value for 2018 was estimated based on the 7% GDP growth announced by the Central Bank based on the amount of GDP in 2017.

Likewise, it indicated that the amount of the consolidated public debt to 2018 was estimated based on that published by the Central Bank as of September 2017, increasing it at the same rate that increased between September and December of 2017.

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