Economy October 4, 2019 | 3:41 pm

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Neither donkeys nor horses can ford Altamira’s ‘roads’

Nor trucks...

Puerto Plata.- Completely impassable are all country roads that link numerous communities of Altamira township, where farmers and ranchers from La Escaleta Arriba and Cruz de Las Manaclas complain that they cannot take their harvests to markets due to their deplorable condition.

“It is sad that these fields so productive are in total abandonment by all authorities and now many politicians come just because they are aspiring in charge for the upcoming elections,” said the farmer Osvaldo Polanco.

Several agricultural producers complained that Altamira authorities do nothing to solve this problem, since as the current mayor Figencio Colón is not going to be reelected, “it seems he forgot that those communities exist.”

“Here, neither on donkeys nor on horses, can you travel through the bad conditions in which the roads have been for more than a year,” said Rafaela Vargas.

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