Economy January 27, 2020 | 1:27 pm

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Dominican Republic elections won’t roil dollar, economy

Santo Domingo.- Central banker, Héctor Valdez Albizu, on Mon. discarded the notion that this year’s elections will negatively impact economic activity.

“He who is betting on that, is going to strike out,” said the official at the Altar de la Patria, where the Central Bank authorities laid a wreath to mark founding father Juan Pablo Duarte’s birthdate.

He said the Dominican Republic will continue to post the highest economic growth in Latin America this year.

“The Central Bank’s commitment is to guarantee price stability, which is what the Constitution indicates, and exchange stability. We have achieved it and we will maintain it.”

US currency

On the price of the dollar, which so far in January has gone from RD$52.96 to US$53.20, Valdez said the increase is similar to last year for these dates, which he affirms was 0.5 %.

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