Economy March 26, 2020 | 4:36 pm

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From corporation to mom and pop shop

A-Line Autoglass LLC., an independent family owned business located in Albany, NY, has just made a big move to relocate their company to a location that has been home to several businesses in the autoglass industry for over 3 decades.

A-Line Autoglass, with more than 10 years in the Industry, belongs to the second generation family of autoglass services, guaranteeing a commitment to good service that has proudly served its community by sponsoring uniforms for local basketball teams in high school.

Junior B. Carmona, its proprietor, has been making his way in the independent industry, getting certified by the Autoglass Safety Council, and staying ahead with new technologies, participation in recalibration events and belonging to groups like Autoglass Tech Talk.

A Line offers moderate prices to its customers who cannot pay the cost of glass replacements, guaranteeing a response of less than 24 hours, from their request to its installation.

That is what has enabled A Line to now celebrate its first 10 years of doing business and to embrace this decade it has relocated to 1981 Western Ave. which will be its permanent home to continue serving the community of Albany, NY.

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