Economy July 29, 2020 | 3:25 pm

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Pharmacy sales drop 25 to 30 percent in Dominican Republic

The coronavirus pandemic has meant a reduction in drug sales by 25 to 30% for pharmacies, and although some products related to the virus have increased, it does not compensate for the decrease, revealed the executive director of the Union of Pharmacies, Inc., Scarlet Sánchez.

She stressed that in recent months the demand for products such as masks, gloves and antibacterial gel has decreased, while some medications that have been related to preventive health due to covid have experimented with regards to their consumption.

Sánchez specified that sales of medicines for pain, fever, respiratory conditions, antibiotics, and vitamins have increased. She explained that sales with home delivery have doubled and even tripled in recent months.

Sánchez stressed that pharmacies hope to normalize their sales as soon as possible. The executive director further indicated that pharmacies have not closed in this period, but not during regular hours. Nor has the sector decreased its employees.

On the other hand, demand is different for drug importers; The Association of Pharmaceutical Representatives, Agents and Producers, Inc. (ARAPF) explained that they have a greater demand for pharmaceutical products and, therefore, the need to increase the importation of drugs.

They said that consumers have assumed unusual behavior when buying medications, in order to strengthen their immune system and avoid getting the virus. In a statement, they detailed that some over-the-counter drugs such as acetaminophen or acetaminophen and vitamin C have been in greater demand by consumers since the start of the pandemic and, therefore, have also increased their import levels. Also the import of masks, gloves, etc.

They highlighted that due to the indications of the World Health Organization (WHO), in which it points to hydroxychloroquine as one of the medicines to face covid-19, both public and private institutions have increased their imports in the country, within order to guarantee the necessary drugs for patients with coronavirus.

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