Economy September 16, 2020 | 9:11 am

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AES Dominicana looks to bolster natural gas supply to the region

Press Release

Santo Domingo.- With a view to expanding the range of regional natural gas services and supported by the flexibilities offered by the AES Andrés and AES Colón terminals, the company AES (Dominican and Panama subsidiaries) announced the conclusion of the testing phase for the integration of floating solutions, which will make it possible to expand the supply of natural gas in the Central American and Caribbean regions.

This initiative, promoted by the regional Natural Gas division of AES Corporation, consisted of the temporary hiring of a methane tanker that would serve as a floating natural gas warehouse to allow the export and transshipment of fuel from Punta Caucedo, Dominican Republic to any destination in the region as well as guaranteeing strategic storage during the most critical point of the hurricane season.

Additionally, the ship-to-ship transfer system was tested, which, together with temporary storage, makes the logistics management of the terminals more flexible, improving redundancy for its customers.

The vessel named “Golar Seal” with a capacity of 160,000 cubic meters was loaded at the AES Andrés LNG terminal with liquid natural gas, with a fraction of said fuel volume remaining as strategic storage and another fraction was delivered in Jamaica. demonstrating the re-export capabilities of AES facilities.

The temporary incorporation of LNG ships as floating storage units will allow competitive development and promote the conversion of new generation units in regions where the volume of consumption warrants economic solutions at scale.

This initiative also allows the necessary resilience until the second Natural Gas storage tank that is currently being developed by the Energía Natural Dominicana consortium (ENADOM) in the Dominican Republic is ready and which plans to enter into commercial operation in 2023; a strategic infrastructure to continue positioning the country as a regional hub.

This proactive solution has provided additional leverage for current negotiations with suppliers and is strengthening the position in the market as a leading provider of secure and competitive solutions, through the infrastructures integrated with the AES Colón Natural Gas terminal in Panama. and the AES Andrés terminal, in the Dominican Republic.

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