Economy October 12, 2020 | 3:31 pm

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85% of heads of household believe that food has risen in price in Dominican Republic

21% say that there are essential foods that are no longer available in the market


84.9% of 5,713 heads of households in the Dominican Republic perceive that during the quarantine period to which the population has been subjected to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), food has increased in price.

In addition, 20.7% say that there is essential food that is no longer available on the market, according to the report of the second survey on the socioeconomic impact of COVID-19 in the country conducted by various agencies of the United Nations (UN), a network of 28 non-governmental organizations and the Single System of Beneficiaries (SIUBEN).

In the section on food and nutrition, the report indicates that 37.3% of those surveyed stated that they had reduced the portion or amount of food served, and 26.8% said that they had reduced the number of meals per day.

There are more extreme cases, as 3.7% indicated that they had gone days without eating.

In addition to these concerns about food, there are also problems accessing health services, as 27.5% said that they had not accessed regular medical assistance during this period. Others have not been able to access medication for pre-existing conditions, other than COVID-19.

These and other problems have caused anxiety, depression, excessive alcohol consumption, increased tobacco use, verbal and physically aggressive behavior, among other stresses, in many families.

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