Economy October 31, 2020 | 12:03 pm

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Luis Abinader: The situation in Haiti is one of the main problems of the Dominican Government

He indicated that protecting the border is very costly for the Dominican Republic.


Santo Domingo, DR

The President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, stated this Friday that Haiti’s situation is one of the main problems for the Dominican Government.

He explained that the lack of stability in the neighboring country and its poverty, state of crisis, and the people in the streets is difficult to control. He said that, unfortunately, the Haitian government does not have the forces to handle the situation.

He said that protecting the border is very expensive for the Dominican Republic. About 7,000 soldiers and about 800 members of the Specialized Land Border Security Corps (CESFRONT) are very costly.

He added that they are looking for more technological ways to protect the border.

International Assistance

The Dominican president said he could become a spokesperson in other countries of the Americas, France (which has historical ties to Haiti), Canada, and other nations to implement a development plan to guide the neighboring nation towards prosperity and democracy.

He said, however, that this is not an easy task because it is challenging to help that nation because of the structure of its government. Still, he understands that a change in the constitution, which is being considered at this time, could be an essential step to help them have a stronger government and get out of anarchy.

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