Economy December 1, 2020 | 2:07 pm

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Some 85,461 domestic workers lost their jobs due to the pandemic

Santo Domingo, DR

Domestic work has also been one of the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with 85,461 jobs lost in this sector during confinement than in 2019.

This figure was released by the Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Development (MEPyD) in a study analyzing the impact of COVID-19.

The research highlights that the main domestic employees lost were informal.

Effects on employment

The study states that FASE covered 73% of the people suspended between March and July in the formal private sector.

It adds that between April and May, there was a drop of 530,029 jobs, but between June and October, 58% of the jobs lost had already been recovered, so that only 211,000 jobs would remain to be recovered at present.

Other vulnerable sectors

Research presented by the ministry’s director of Poverty, Inequality and Democratic Culture Analysis, Rosa Cañete Alonso, indicates that 13,000 hairdressers also lost their income sources.

Cañete Alonso considered that the study concluded that there are challenges for social protection, among which are the mechanisms for formal work and expanding social protection systems to address them better.

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