Economy December 6, 2020 | 12:23 pm

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Agriculture agrees with supermarkets to reduce profits in products of the basic grocery basket

Meeting between the Minister of Agriculture and the executives of the main supermarkets in the country. (PHOTO )

  • Authorities seek to stabilize the prices of sensitive products for consumers.


The Minister of Agriculture, Limber Cruz, held a working meeting with representatives of the country’s supermarkets to reduce profits on some mass consumption and sensitive products in the basic grocery basket.

The measure seeks to stabilize sensitive products such as rice, beans, chicken, milk, eggs, and sugar, which would present low prices on the shelf to ensure food security for Dominicans.

The meeting with the traders allowed the Ministry to reach agreements for the implementation of actions to help alleviate the increase in food prices in the population and plan an increase in the productivity of agricultural items and thus benefit both traders and national producers.

“We must work together, helping each other, thus achieving personal progress and, above all, to help the Dominican countryside and us as a country to continue improving the national economy,” said the Minister.

The agricultural portfolio holder added that this is the second meeting of many that he will hold with such an important business sector to lower food prices for the people.

Meanwhile, Mario Lama Jr., representative of Plaza Lama, highlighted that some products have already decreased in price, as is the case of red and white onions, and indicated that from next Monday, other sensitive products would reduce in cost.

“You can count on us to keep prices low on basic necessities,” said the businessman, speaking on behalf of his colleagues.

Within the agreement, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and MSMEs (MICM) will provide support from the government to the flexibility of the new prices and improve the commercialization of the products of the field.

Nicolás Ramos and Héctor Olivero, from La Cadena supermarkets, Jorge Jenkins, from Grupo Ramos, and Leopoldo González, from Plaza Lama, also participated in the meeting.

In a first meeting held last week, the processes for these measures were initiated. The following people participated: Miguel González, from Centro Cuesta Nacional; Daniel Batista and Yeuri Alfonso, from the Bravo chain, Juan Luis Tavárez, from Grupo Ramos, among others.

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