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AES Dominicana launches new visual identity and energy projects

Bredyg Disla, Edwin De Los Santos.

Press Release

Santo Domingo.- The energy giant AES Dominicana plans to add more than 200 megawatts of solar energy in the next three years.

To carry out this project, the company, which already has an investment portfolio of US$1.8 billion, has made an alliance with 5B, a leading developer of pre-assembled solar panels.

“This will reduce costs and the time of our projects, providing efficiency, because due to their modular form they make better use of the sun,” said Edwin de Los Santos, president of AES Dominicana.

This is AES ‘second solar project and will be developed in Santana, Peravia (south), as explained by Michel Reyes, director of Market Origination, detailing the innovative plans in which they are immersed.

Other projects

Reyes explained that, at the regional level, AES is investing in new renewable energies, such as wind, solar, hydraulic and battery energy storage.


In the Dominican Republic, in addition to the announced park in Peravia, the company began construction of the second natural gas storage tank to provide greater capacity to the energy matrix.

They also have an alliance with Fluence to develop large-scale energy storage solutions, and also with Uplight, a provider of technology solutions dedicated to serving the energy ecosystem. With these solutions they created the intelligent portal “Clean Energy Navigator” for AES customers in the country.

“All this transformation will allow the Government and companies to build a competitive advantage and meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as part of the United Nations (UN).”

New AES image

The executive spoke at the launch of the new AES corporate visual identity, which was carried out virtually in the different markets where they have a presence.

He highlighted the focus on bringing customers a higher level of clean energy, driving impact through better access, and ensuring their sustainable energy future and achieving benefits of scale through shared platforms and applications.

“Our change comes from within, we bet on our people creating greater opportunities and shared solutions based on a philosophy of inclusion and diversity, for a better future, together,” said AES Dominicana CEO Edwin De Los Santos.

The renovation, which began in 2018, includes changing the colors and typography of its logo, with the idea of ​​reflecting its transformation as a leading company in smart energy solutions.

“Our logo is a bridge between the legacy we build and the future,” said Bredyg Disla, Director of Communications of AES Dominicana.

AES growth

– Local alliances

AES Dominicana has reinforced its local roots with the realization of strategic alliances, such as with Grupo Linda and Ingeniería Estrella since 2014.

In 2019 it joined forces with Energas, to form ENADOM.

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