Economy May 20, 2021 | 4:11 pm

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Pro Consumidor incinerates another 16 thousand unfit-for-consumption products seized in operations

The executive director of the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor), Eddy Alcántara, informed that the entity incinerated another 16,375 damaged, spoiled, expired, and rusted products that were seized in the last few days in operations carried out in supermarkets, grocery stores and other businesses located in different provinces of the country.

Alcantara explained that with this incineration, Pro Consumidor has destroyed in the last two weeks more than 41,000 damaged products that were sold in these businesses putting at risk the health of consumers.

He said that the 16,375 incinerated articles were seized in special operations and regular inspections carried out from May 7 to 13 in stores in Santo Domingo East, National District, Puerto Plata, Moca, and Santiago, and others.

Eddy Alcantara
“Both in grocery stores, supermarkets and minimarkets these products unfit for human consumption were seized, which put at risk the health and safety of consumers,” he said.

He pointed out that among the products incinerated were staple foods, such as rice, beans, oil, juices, soft drinks, cigarettes, and cleaning products.

Eddy Alcántara stated that these inspections had been carried out due to official inspections, complaints, and consumer claims.

Likewise, the items inspected were for verification of quality, safety, and hygiene in food establishments, verification of visible prices, and the system for registering complaints in establishments offering products and services.

The director of Pro Consumidor added that these products were incinerated respecting legal regulations and the environment.

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