Economy June 8, 2021 | 1:42 pm

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High percentage of vaccinated people in the Dominican Republic will attract summer visitors

Santo Domingo, DR.

Rafael Pampillón, a professor of more than 25 years at the prestigious IE Business School, came to the country to lecture at Barna School Management. During his dissertation, he assured that the Dominican Republic ranks fourth in the world in terms of percentages of vaccinated people, “and that is going to be an attraction for people during the summer.”

The researcher, an expert in the analysis of countries and economic environments, with emphasis on Latin America and Asia, said that the key is to vaccinate people so that they lose their fear of going out and start traveling, and that the Dominican government is doing well and has achieved growth in employment and productivity.

He indicated in his hybrid presentation (one part face-to-face and the other via the web) that the global economy is recovering despite the persistence of the vaccine, inflation is temporary, interest rates are rising with upward risks, and that is why we must be attentive to the signals, especially in the United States.

The Dominican Republic, said Pampillón, is a country where there are no political tensions or polarization, and “there is a government that is doing well.”

Speaking on “Economic perspectives post-Covid-19”, the Spanish professor at IE Business School and Ph.D. in economics said that today, the European Union, Asia, and the US are not as severe as it was three months ago pandemic is being mitigated by vaccination.

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